Prayer Requests – 16th October 2011

Things for you to pray for this week …

  • people in large areas of SE Asia where there is flooding. The millions coping everyday with very little food in the horn of Africa.
  • wisdom for us all in wealthy countries to know how to respond to the city protests prompted by the global economic crisis. Pray for community, business and political leaders to be granted insight to understand complex situations so that they can propose effective solutions which will reduce the likelihood of destructive actions.
  • Christians who are treated differently or suffer persecution because of their faith. Pray for them to have courage and to know how to give an answer for the hope they have within them. Remember Christians in Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Burma, China, Iran and across the world including those who are at the centre of controversy such as Yousef Nadarkhani
  • for the people of Afghanistan after ten years of the present conflict. For political and military leaders to evaluate their stance and be open to change.
  • that publicity about the Light Party will reach the right children and families to bring the best number to have a really enjoyable event. Give thanks for all who have volunteered and pray for good preparation of crafts games catering and teaching
  • all who have been bereaved and those who are taking part in funerals or other acts of memorial.
  • Edward Bean recovering from an operation at Queen’s Square last Friday. Jack Hancock, Jane Bately and others. All who are ill, their families and carers.
  • families under pressure. Parents to have confidence in guiding their children and children to appreciate the care they are given.
  • the shoe box campaign to be well supported and many young people to be encouraged by the gifts they receive