Prayer Requests – 18th September 2011

Things for you to pray for this week …

  • give thanks that Toby Needs has returned safely from Afghanistan
  • give thanks for a village in which many people cooperate to provide activities that help us live well together; the Fete, the Show, and the many clubs. Pray for the Parish Council in all they do.
  • give thanks that Jack Hancock has been able to come home from hospital in time for his birthday on Monday.
  • Remember those who are weary, lonely, fearful, or in pain and those who feel the weight of grief or who have recently been bereaved
  • Sarah Williams in Preston; Caroline Carter in Stirling; Emma Wallis moving to Kent; Toby Smith moving to Nottingham Trent, and all students beginning at college or university as they move into accommodation and meet new people.
  • Christians and Christian Unions working to be welcoming during fresher’s weeks.
  • families adjusting to new situations arising from changes in the work place, taking on new responsibilities or training, and any who are seeking God’s wisdom for decisions with life-changing consequences
  • relief and aid agencies in places of poverty, disease or disaster and for workers to have patience and stamina to do all they can in the face of overwhelming need. Pray for Christians to know how to show God’s love to those who have lost faith and hope
  • the people of Pakistan who had been working to rebuild after last years floods now facing flooding again because of heavy monsoon rains
  • for politicians of all political parties during their conference season to develop an appetite for what is good in God’s eyes and to have moral courage to pursue such