Prayer Requests – 11th September 2011

Things for you to pray for this week …

  •  that the millions around the world who are remembering the shock of 9/11 today will be moved to turn to God in their sorrow and may see that he has entered our sin-broken world in the person of his suffering Son to call people to follow him as the only secure route to peace
  • all who work to protect others from acts of terrorism
  • politicians to be careful to avoid inflaming conflict and to inspire cooperation, especially remembering the tense situation in Libya and many other countries
  • students beginning at college or university as they move into accommodation and meet new people. Sarah Williams to Preston today; Caroline Carter moving to Stirling this weekend; Emma Wallis moving to Kent next week; Toby Smith moving to Nottingham Trent.
  • Christians and Christian Unions as they work hard to be welcoming during fresher’s weeks.
  • the bereaved including the Williams family and other relatives attending Sue’s mother’s funeral on Thursday and the family and friends of Gelda Bailey
  • the Newman family as Jo prepares for the planned delivery of twins on Thursday morning
  • Jack Hancock in Cardiac Care at Bedford hospital. Doris Neil, Anne Osborne, Jane Bateley, Peter Nicholls (Phillip and Margaret’s son) and others who are dealing with illness, injury or pain
  • the continuing pressures of trying to deal with millions affected by famine and associated problems in the horn of Africa
  • please remember Toby Need from Riseley in Afghanistan with the Royal Marines