Prayer Requests – 21st August 2011

Things for you to pray for this week …

  •  Anna Moore and all who are wanting to learn more about who God is and what it means to follow him. 
  • the continuing consequences of the riots and the pressure on the prison system. For every person injured and whose life or livelihood has been attacked. For the grieving families. For people to come to the fore who can re establish trust and inspire the rebuilding of community. For constructive fruit to come out of the public debate on conduct and morality and that many would look afresh to God to find wisdom.
  • workers trying to deal with the outbreak of cholera among Somalian refugees in the midst of the problems of famine in the horn of Africa
  • all who are seeking peace in places of unrest and violent conflict to persevere and for Christians to have the courage to live out God’s love in such places, including Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, the new countries of North and South Sudan. 
  • please remember Toby Need from Riseley in Afghanistan with the Royal Marines
  • Martin and Roline Hargreaves, Jo and Mark Newman preparing children to be born
  • Sarah Williams going to New Forest B Cyfa Venture on Tuesday. Jordan Simm going on a Ventures shortly
  • school pupils handling their exam results and those who are now preparing for a move to university to resolve to live Christianly in a new setting. Pray for all who have had disappointments or who need to change their plans to do so carefully and with deliberate trust in God for the future 
  • the lower school staff and head teacher preparing for a disrupted start to term because of building work
  • Joyce Hay, Sue William’s mother in Airedale House in Bedford, Doris Neil in Lilibet House in Bedford. Jack Hancock coping with several health issues. Anne Osborne at home adjusting to a new routine 
  • Sarah, Daniel, Simon and Joy Keenan in Shanghai for two years. Pray for Simon and Joy adjusting to their new home in the weeks before starting their new school.