Prayer Requests – 14th August 2011

Things for you to pray for this week …

  •  the aftermath of the riots. For every person injured and whose life or livelihood has been attacked. For the grieving families. Pray for people to come to the fore who can re establish trust and inspire the rebuilding of community. Pray for the police and the courts, and for a careful response by government
  • continue to remember the relief workers striving to help the millions affected by famine in the horn of Africa
  • the recovery in Japan and Haiti and the decisions relating to political and military situations in Afghanistan, Syria, Libya.
  • please remember Toby Need from Riseley in Afghanistan with the Royal Marines
  • Phil and Amy with Joshua; Asha and Sangster with Timothy, and others learning how to be parents.
  • Martin and Roline Hargreaves, Jo and Mark Newman preparing for the birth of children in the next week or so
  • those who have been on ventures to be able to hold on to and apply what they have heard. Jordan Simm and Sarah Williams will be attending  Ventures in a few weeks
  • Karen Jones and others representing Festive at Soul Survivor to bring Christian encouragement and support to many Christian young people as they consider how to be a good witness during the next academic year
  • Joyce Hay, Sue William’s mother in Airedale House in Bedford, Doris Neil in Lilibet House in Bedford. Jack Hancock coping with several health issues. Give thanks for the progress being made by John Codd (son of Tom and Margaret from Bletsoe) following a serious hand injury and pray for hospital visits every other day for treatment. Give thanks that Anne Osborne is home and pray she adjusts to a new routine
  • Sarah, Daniel, Simon and Joy Keenan moving to Shanghai for two years. Pray for Simon and Joy adjusting to their new home for a few weeks before starting their new school.
  • everyone receiving exam results