Prayer Requests – 7th August 2011

Things for you to pray for this week …


  • Give thanks for the good news that Asha and Sangster have been able to adopt 10 month old Timothy. (They live in South India)
  • give thanks for the progress Joshua Chapman is making and pray for Phil and Amy and others learning how to be parents   
  • Martin and Roline Hargreaves, Jo and Mark Newman preparing for the birth of children in the next few weeks
  • CPAS summer ventures. Colwyn Bay 3 about to finish Sam Pentlow, Adam and Becky White, Samuel Bailey on the leadership team. Sparkford 2, Susanna Bailey attending with a school friend. Jordan Simm attending a Venture in a few weeks
  • Joyce Hay, Sue William’s mother receiving treatment in Bedford hospital and for the family as they visit each day
  • John Codd (son of Tom and Margaret from Bletsoe) following a farming accident causing serious injury to his hand. Pray for good healing and resistance to infection following a 12 hour operation to attempt to reconstruct fingers. Pray for the family as they try to cope with continuing work on the farm in Sandy
  • Sarah, Daniel, Simon and Joy Keenan moving to Shanghai for two years. Pray for Simon and Joy adjusting to their new home for a few weeks before starting their new school.
  • that the concerns over the debt crisis affecting many countries would not hinder commitment to assist those with acute needs such as the millions affected by the famine in the horn of Africa, the recovery in Japan and Haiti and the decisions relating to political and military situations like Afghanistan, Syria, Libya 
  • for the summer period to enable times of refreshment even for those who cannot go away on holiday.  
  • pray for people looking for work that they will not become discouraged
  • people who are grieving
  • anyone who feels they are in dark shadows to be granted an awareness of God as their good shepherd and to turn to him.