Prayer Requests – 31st July 2011

Things for you to pray for this week …


  • CPAS summer ventures. Sparkford 1 ending tomorrow several Baileys and Anna Sollars and Paul Slater on the leadership team. Colwyn Bay 3 just beginning, Sam Pentlow, Adam and Becky White, Samuel Bailey on the leadership team. Sparkford 2, Susanna Bailey attending with a school friend
  • the family and friends of Adrian Gifford-Page and all who have been bereaved
  • Phil and Amy Chapman and Joshua, born on Thursday, now being cared for at Addenbrookes. Pray for the medical staff  to know how to give them all the best support
  • Martin and Roline Hargreaves, Jo and Mark Newman preparing for the birth of children in the next few weeks
  • Joyce Hay, Sue William’s mother who is very unwell in hospital and for the whole family as they consider what will be the best arrangements for her future care, and also that they will have stamina for a busy period in their family life
  • Sarah, Daniel, Simon and Joy Keenan moving to Shanghai for two years. They will be facing average temperatures of 35 degrees. Pray for them all as they make such a big change and that God would teach them and help them grow
  • the people of Norway attending the funerals of family and friends murdered last week. Pray for the church ministers and Christians to be prepared to give an answer for the hope that is within them in spite of such shocking events. May they know how to be sensitive, compassionate and truthful in words and actions.
  • that God would give wisdom and strength to those who are working out how to provide the best help to the millions affected by the famine in the horn of Africa.
  • for all on holiday (including students, pupils and teachers) to be genuinely refreshed by a change from their normal routine.
  • pray for young people looking for work that they will not become discouraged and that employers would be able to find ways to give opportunities to those who are keen to develop a career.