Prayer Requests – 17th July 2011

Things for you to pray for this week …

  •  the leaders of young people’s groups on Sundays and the other youth groups which meet on Fridays. Pray for Jo Nicholls in her role as Cypecs Co-ordinator and give thanks for the sense of united purpose at the meeting last Monday
  • those recently married; Leo and Pamela-Jane Matthews, Harry and Lauren Ferdinando. Couples preparing to be married including Stephen Carter to Kate Spencer, Anna Sollars to Paul Slater
  • Phil and Amy Chapman, Martin and Roline Hargreaves, Jo and Mark Newman preparing for the birth of children
  • CPAS summer ventures and all those connected with this  congregation who are attending as members, leaders or helpers.
  • all who have been bereaved
  • Sarah, Daniel, Simon and Joy Keenan moving to Shanghai. Pray for them all as they make such a big change and that God would teach them and help them grow
  • the people close to the borders of the new countries of North and South Sudan to give time for the new political arrangements to settle and to resist being drawn into violence out of fear for what is new.
  • those who organise the running of the huge refugee camps for the countries in the horn of Africa to be wise about how to make the best provision as more and more people arrive seeking help
  • for God’s hand on the debates and decisions of the General Synod of the Church of England to direct the outcomes for the building up of Christian life and witness across our country.
  • the organisations such as The Christian Institute, and Care who work to support and sometimes to defend Christians living out their faith in the workplace
  • clear thinking with regard to issues raised by the phone-hacking scandal. Ask God to help us have a “sober assessment of ourselves”