Prayer Requests – 12th June 2011

Things for you to pray for this week …

  • the PCC meeting tomorrow evening. That they would know how to keep our church life running well and moving forward in everything that is important in God’s eyes
  • wise use of the information gathered and collated from the serving questionnaire to enable more people to discover and develop their gifts and talents
  • anyone wanting to serve God, but unsure of the way forward, to identify  new opportunities and to have boldness for action. Especially pray for Martin and those who lead to have discernment when inviting people to consider new or different roles
  • young people trying to make decisions about their future to be aware of what will be helpful for their spiritual life
  • pupils and students taking exams (and parents) to keep a godly perspective
  • training weekends for summer ventures. Pray for the overall leaders to depend upon God, following his priorities as they carry the responsibility for the administration and the ethos of the teams.
  • farmers trying to manage crops and livestock and maintain their livelihood in times of drought and for the knock-on economic effects for many businesses and staff
  • as the violence of oppression and the struggle for maintaining order are seen alongside attempts to obtain greater freedom and social justice in many countries, pray for those who are recognised as leaders of the groups on both sides to know when they should give way or when to stand firm. Pray for those who feel trapped to be offered a way out of destructive situations through diplomatic means.
    In all these chaotic circumstances pray for Christians to demonstrate grace and peace and be faithful witnesses of Christ.
  • all who have recently been bereaved
  • an awareness of God’s presence for people who are facing discouragement because of health issues
  • being baptised and confirmed on Monday 20th June;        Josh Eddon
  • being confirmed on Monday 20th June; Heather Shelton, Edward Shelton, Andrew Shelton, Miriam Wallis, Paul and Trish Vine (Bletsoe)