Prayer Requests – 6th June 2011

Things for you to pray for this week …

  • the Tennant family as they settle into their new home in Warwick, with James starting his new role and Esther attending a new school
  • leaders of groups who will be taking on more responsibility as they step into roles previously covered by James Tennant
  • Henry Smith, for a full recovery after recent hospital treatment
  • Roger Gray recovering from recent knee replacement surgery
  • those who are about to become parents for the first time
  • all who have been bereaved including the family and friends of Jack Felce – and Phillip Nicholls, whose brother died recently
  • pupils and students taking exams (and parents) to keep a Godly perspective
  • for leaders of summer youth ventures as they finalise details and prepare activities and talks. Pray that they would know how to teach the Bible faithfully and engagingly
  • our political leaders as they consider diplomatic and military means of influencing complex and dangerous situations in Afghanistan, Libya and many other countries
  • the people of Sudan approaching the formal division into two countries in July – with deep underlying tensions following decades of civil conflict between Muslim and Christian communities
  • the efforts of aid workers in Haiti, Japan and other disaster affected areas