Prayer Requests – 29th May 2011

Things for you to pray for this week …

  • members of Saltisford Evangelical Church as they welcome the Tennants in the coming week
  • leaders of groups who will be taking on more responsibility as they step into roles previously covered by James Tennant
  • Henry Smith, receiving treatment after a short stay in hospital, for a full recovery
  • those who are about to become parents for the first time
  • all who have been bereaved including the family and friends of Jack Felce – whose funeral is here on Friday 3rd June at 11.00 am
  • pupils and students taking exams (and parents) to keep a godly perspective
  • for leaders of summer youth ventures as they finalise details and prepare activities and talks. Pray that they would know how to teach the Bible faithfully and engagingly
  • give thanks to God for speaking to us by giving us the Bible and for all those who have worked to translate it, publish it and distribute it around the world
  • pray for the work of the Church Society to continue effectively as David Phillips prepares to leave in a couple of months to take up a parish ministry in Chorley
  • people returning to work or beginning new jobs; Jonathan White and Hannah Foster
  • pupils and students doing exams to keep a godly perspective
  • our political leaders as they consider diplomatic and military means of influencing complex and dangerous situations in Afghanistan, Libya and many other countries
  • the people of Sudan approaching the formal division into two countries in July – with deep underlying tensions following decades of civil conflict between Muslim and Christian communities
  • the efforts of aid workers in Haiti, Japan and other disaster affected areas