Prayer Requests – 22nd May 2011

Things for you to pray for this week …

  • all the Tennants as they prepare to move and that they will receive the right help at the right time especially during the next three or four weeks. Pray for Saltisford Evangelical Church to welcome them in a way that will enable them to serve God fruitfully from the very beginning
  • for all the young people’s work at All Saints that each leader would continue with confidence in God and each young person would grow in faith and understanding
  • people who are considering confirmation
  • everyone who is concerned for their own health or for someone they know well. Pray for Henry Smith
  • those who are about to become parents for the first time. people facing the loss of work, an increase of responsibility or changing jobs completely. Also those who are returning to work or beginning new jobs; James Tennant, Jonathan White, and Hannah Foster. Pray for a steady trust in God and to be clear how to honour God in challenging, tiring or emotionally draining situations
  • all who have been bereaved including the family and friends of Jack Felce
  • pupils and students taking exams (and parents) to keep a godly perspective
  • for leaders of summer youth ventures as they finalise details and prepare activities and talks. Pray that they would know how to teach the Bible faithfully and engagingly
  • for victims of crime to know that justice ultimately rests in God’s hands and to find a way to rebuild their confidence. Pray also for law enforcement professionals to be successful in preventing crime as well bringing criminals to conviction
  • the countries across the North of Africa and the Middle East where there has been protest for change and violence in response. Pray for breakthroughs in negotiations or changes of heart among leaders on both sides so that positive peace can be established. Pray for those trying to work out how to respond to terrorist actions