Prayer Requests – 8th May 2011

Things for you to pray for this week …


  • give thanks for Bible teaching and encouragement to be wholehearted in living the Christian life at Bible by the Beach and the London Men’s Convention
  • give thanks to God for speaking to us by giving us the Bible and for all those who have worked to translate it, publish it and distribute it around the world.
  • all who have been bereaved to adjust to their new circumstance, to reflect upon their own lives and to come to know God more deeply. Pray for their comfort. Remember the families of Arthur Wilson, Paula Watson, Barbara Strickland
  • all who have recently been married, including Prince William and Catherine, or who are preparing for weddings to look beyond one another to God as the designer of marriage and that they would have joy, patience and wisdom as they learn to share their lives together. Pray for all who are married to be godly in their relationship
  • continue to pray for the provision of a suitable house for the Tennants to rent in Warwick and that the children would be able to a have places in schools where they can find friends and enjoy learning
  • pupils and students feeling the pressure of exams (and parents) to keep a godly perspective
  • give thanks for all who have been elected to represent others; the Mayor of Bedford, Councillors and Parish Councillors and pray for each one to have a strong sense of privilege so that they will be careful to promote what is helpful for those they serve.